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Seas looked good enough for my 22 seafarer,so i ventured out to the tower last tuesday.I was the only one there at 10:30 am,so I figured it was dead.caught a couple flounder on each of first two drifts on cut spot strip baits,and squid.not very big ,but just over legal size for "Virginia".waves started to build,so i thought i would get closer to shore. Stopped on the way in at a couple numbers i had stored in my gps,and released a few more flounder. Back at the <acronym title="Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel">cbbt</acronym>,all looked fine for about 10 min. When black clouds arrived.i tried to outrun them to the kiptopeake ramp,but got caught. Thunder ,lightning,rain and hail.one live spot got bit off while retrieving,probably small shark.






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