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Lums, 5-22

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Our club fished from 5:30 til 11:30 today. Only 4 boats showed, we thought we had it won, but we lost to a good guy today. Most hits came on crankbaits in open water, we had our (club rule) 3 fish limit early. About 11 my buddy hits back to back 3+ lb lmb on softs in about 12" of water. Weighed in just under 10# for our 3, and culled a limit during the day. 2 other boats posted one or two fish, then the last guy comes in with a 6+# largemouth and a 3 fish weight over 10#. Most of my fish came in the open but the 3 biggest fish today came in from in pretty tight to the shoreline.

Sassafras next month

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