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"Learning how to fish" vacation to New Hampshire

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I would like to combine a vacation to New Hampshire with finally getting my whole family of five to learn the basics of fishing. We know *NOTHING*; not one of us.

Who are the right kinds of people to contact for fishing lessons (i.e., what do I search for in google or any travel site to find what I want)?

How would I get started? Are there New Hampshire forums/fisherpeople here that might have some advice?

Are there some venues/locatinons in NH that you would recommend that might be better than others?

Any help would be appreciated.


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i cant speek for NH ( im in MD) but some things you can do to start a good foundation is go to a store that sells fishing tackle and other suplise pick up a knot tying book and some string or fishing line and work on your knots you can also pick up a inexpensive rod reel combo and a sinker and practice casting in your back yard or nerby field this will also let you test your knots a little bit the field maye be your best bet one BIG thing to figur out is what kinde of fishing are you wantint to do? like fresh water,rever, salt water: surf, or boat, fly fishing all ther and menny more have the same fundamentels but difer in big ways. I have only been fishing for 3yrs my self i have lerned a lot from this sight but i have a lot to lern still hope this helps happy to anser any more

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If you find someone to go with You wil be the best way to learn if not you will have to do some reading, the other way is to go some of the out door stores, like bass pro shop they have good people and some time they do like training type presentations.

Some state parks they have the rangers to teach the basic of fishing and more.

good luck and have fun!!!

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