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knot crazy

Last couple of mornings at the Lesner

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I've hit the inlet at Lynnhaven the last few mornings and was able to enjoy a very nice sunrise both days but that was it. No hits, no bumps no anything just a lot of pretty moving water and not even any bait.

Watched the Osprey who seem to be multipling as there were a good dozen both inside hovering over the flats and outside where we were fishing and it's so slow out there I never saw them get anything either and they're a lot better at the game than I am.

Spoke with one of the retired locals both mornings that is there pretty much every day and he said the same thing that it has been extremely slow there this spring. He did say that a 37" Striper was caught on the bottom with shrimp from the inside beach yesterday around 0900 but that had been the only confirmed keeper this season so far.

Usually the Blues, Flounder and Striper are there by now but it has taken a while for the water to warm after a fairly cool winter so amybe that has something to do with it.

Anyway nice couple of sunrises plus the fact that I was fishing made it worth the effort.

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