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First Spring Grady Trip

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I had some relatives in town from Massachusettes that wanted to go out on the Chesapeake Bay, so of course I had to oblidge. We had a small window due to flights. Departed my house in Poquoson at 1030 on my Grady White to try and catch some flounder, we went out of the Poquoson River and headed around to Factory Point at the mouth of Back River. It was a warm day around 85 with winds blowing at 20-25 and gusting to 35 knots, we were not too far off of land so it was a decent ride but with a lot of cross spray that everyone seemed to enjoy for an unusually warm day.

We made several drifts along different parts of the channel but could not get out of heavy weed and grass. We were using live minnows and squid. No luck for us on the flounder but everyone had a great time and a fun boat ride. This was my maiden spring voyage on the Grady and everything ran well.

Today I had on board my cousin Larry and his two daughters Kelsey and Jillian from Carver Ma., Michael of Milford Ma. and my niece Rachael from Poquoson Va.

We were back at my house by 1400 so Mike could catch his flight. The girls then hung out in the hot tub while Larry and I cleaned up.

I do not get to see my cousins very often and the kids grow up way too fast so this was a treat for all of us.









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I'm sure everyone had a great time! Love the minnow pics.

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Man that grass was heavy.Great looking crew,full of smiles....

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