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Jet Ski Brian

Oyster Aquaculture

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About 7 years ago my neighbor Julian got me into Oyster Aquaculture. He has been raising oysters for a while and is a Master Oyster Gardener. We are both members of TOGA, Tidewater Oyster Gardeners Association, a non profit group that helps educate water front property owners and the public how to raise oysters through aquaculture.

We raise diploid oysters from spat in mesh bags in cages. Then when they get larger, just in cages, this helps keep predators such as crabs, birds and rays from getting them. Some people use floats but I find cages foul less and are easier to deal with. We also use shell bags to naturally recruit native oysters.

Julian and I are fortunate to share the same piece of land and frame of mind.

Last year we completed our shoreline reef restoration project, it is over 2000 feet of shore. Several thousand bushels of shells were spread by us over five years. Julian also has several offshore reefs that he has created.

This has been a learning experience for both of us, it has also been rewarding watching the fruits of our labor grow.

I do this purely for ecological reasons. I enjoy sorting through the cages and seeing what critters are amongst the oysters.

Yesterday I was sorting some of my cages, so I took some pictures. Some of my oysters are over five years old, it is neat to see the different shapes and sizes as they age.

This has been and continues to be my way of giving back to the Bay, I try to be a giver not just a taker of resources.

There are several groups out there doing these types of things, one of them is Tidewater Oyster Gardeners Association I encourage you to try this if you live on the water or know someone that does.

Here are some pictures of my shore and oysters;
















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my god that's alot of delicious morsels right there. Is that one of those chinese crabs/invading species? you're threads are always the best loaded wiht pics thanks

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Great Job Brian, and like you say it, "...try to be a giver not just a taker of resources."

Great Idea!!!

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