Team Buck Rogers Jacksonville Offshore Report - 01-31-2011

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We took advantage of a great weather window this past Monday. The seas were flat so we made good time out to 145 feet where we started bottom fishing. We didn't do as good on the big triggers this time and I believe it's due to the water temps. Last week it was 67 deg and the triggers were on fire. This week it was 65 degrees and even though we caught some nice triggers, we didn't get the numbers of last week. The red porgie and beeliners were on fire though. It seems the little drop in water temp had them fired up. We caught numerous red porgies up to 5 lbs and a bunch of beeliners up to 4lbs. We also caught an 18lb red grouper. if we could have kept everything we caught that should have bene legal minus the current bans, we would have had to quit early. Oh yeah, we also had the pleasure of being boarded by the USCG 65 miles offshore. Guess they wanted to see what we had been catching. They took it pretty easy on me though. I was just excited to be able to show someone in an official capacity the TWIC card I had to pay $150 for!! I may never use it again now!!







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