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JC, Brian, Thuy, Ryan and I saw the beautiful Wx window and decided to run out of OI to see if there were any tuna hanging around after what seemed like 20 days of high winds. We cleared the inlet just before six and headed to the 450 on the 100 and set our lines out immediately we hook up a small Blackfin but that was it. We heard some chatter on the radio about a bite down at the 300 so we decided to pick up and have a look. Ran down to the 350 and started marking some bait and fish so we set out the spread and continued south on the troll, picking up five more Blackfin on our way down to the 290, not real happy with that.

Pushed up to the 313 where I got a call that there were some YFT caught, the OI fleet was there thick so we made a pass or two the decided to leave for our own piece of the ocean. We moved in to 60 fathoms and we started steadily picking up Blackfins and of a nicer class. Continuerd up to the 380 still steady picking up nice Blackfins. We decided to pull in our lines at 3:00 and it was now 2:30 so I set a course for OI, fifteen minutes before lines in three YFT crush our spread and we’ve got a triple hook up. Tried to call in my buddy boat but he was a bit too far away. Got the fish to the boat made the gaff shots count and we went three for three in the bottom of the ninth. Packed up and ran in at 35 kts on flat calm seas.

All the fish were caught in 74.4 degree water in 50 to 70 fathoms from the 350 to the 380. Everything came on some form of green machine. Green machine spreader bars, bird green machine and a little item I call the “caterpillar”

All in all we ended up with 16 Blackfin to 12 pounds or so and three Yellowfin to about 25 or so pounds












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