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The winds were pretty strong today, 25-30 kts out of the NW, so I decided to fish the Hot Ditch and Cove in Chesapeake Va. I dropped the Ski at Chesapeake Yachts and fished for about 5 hours and managed to catch 5 small trout. Three on big minnows, one on a small spot and one slow trolling a mirror lure. Not hot and heavy but a good day just the same and probably did not even burn a gallon.

On a side note, Don Lancaster asked me to fill in for him tomorrow so I will be hosting his radio show " Fishing Tidewater" on WHKT 1650 AM. The show airs from 7-9 am every Saturday. Hopefully I will do Don justice while he is out. I have invited Captain Pete of Rockhound Charters to be on with me. Give us a call at 757-465-6700 and tell us fishing story. Here are a couple of pictures, my wifes cat was not happy because there were no fish scraps for him today.









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Great pictures !!!! I see you have you "new fishing tool" the ski on the water.

Good luck with You new ski.:icon_thumright::3gears:

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Darn,i missed that broadcast.that new rig looks great in the water.guess were gonna have to go farther south to find the trout

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