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DSCN1452paj.jpg.052df86ab519de3f138b4772Well folks fall is finally here and the weather is holding just the way I like it. The rains have finally almost drained out of the back waters and creeks. “I did not think it was ever going to finish draining!” The fishing has really gotten great over the last few weeks!

Bigger Reds and a few Bulls has been the story lately as far as Red Drum fishing goes. This has been one of the better years for fall Red fishing. Most fish have been caught on live and fresh cut bait. I have got a few on Berkley Gulp Ripple mullets and 5” & 6” Jerkshad. When I rig for bigger Redfish I use only circle hooks. I’m a true believer in the circle hook; in the last mouth we have caught well over 110 Redfish and everyone was hooked in the side of the mouth. No throat or gill hook sets! I prefer 7/0 Gamakatsu circle hooks for live and cut bait fishing.

When I throw artificial baits for the bigger reds, I use a little heavier jig heads for the Berkley Ripple mullets or Texas rig the Berkley Gulp jerkshad. I rig the Ripple mullets with 1/2oz, 5/8oz and ¾oz jigs heads in colors red and lead gray with forty pound mono or fluorocarbon leaders. The leaders are about fifth-teen to twenty inches long with no swivel, I prefer an Albright knot to connect my leader to my main line. When using Berkley Gulp jerkshad I rig them Texas style with a 5/0 wide gap worm hook and bullet weights of 1/4oz to 1oz.

The False Albacore, Bluefish and Spanish mackerel have been very active over the last few weeks just off the beaches to about three miles off shore. All of these species are fun to catch on light tackle as well as fly gear. Some days the schools have been large and very easy to catch. Just remember not to run right through the school for this will just end the bite and make everyone around you very mad!

Rigging for these schooling speed fish is easy, all you need is a lure that is bright, small and work it fast. One of my new favorites is the Sea striker Jigfish series in 1/2oz and 3/4oz. You can easily cast these lures a county mile and they won’t break the bank when you buy them. I prefer blue, green and pink as colors and rig them with thirty to forty pound mono leaders, fluoro if you prefer. Keep your eyes peeled on the water for birds and busting fish, if you see porpoises working the area move on to another school. The porpoises usually mean its just bait in the water not predator fish that you are trying to catch.

And last but certainly not lest, Speckled trout. I have had a few good number days of Specks lately. It has been a little hit and miss on numbers but this will change with cooler fall weather coming our way. If you read my reports you know what I like for Speckled trout fishing lure wise but here is a run down. One of my favorites is the good’ole MirrOlure; some of my favorite styles are the 17MR, 27MR, 52M & MR. Colors you ask: 11, 26, 51, 704, 808, BNSBO, CFPR, CH, EC, HP, BKGCH, BCH. I’ve been playing with the 14MR & 18MR and I think they both will have there place in my tackle box; I’ll let y’all know soon!

Soft baits are always a winner for trout fishing and there are many on the market, so here are a few good ones to get started with. Berkley Powerbait shrimp will catch the specks. I prefer colors, natural, pearl white and new penny, rigging with red or brown jig heads. One thing I always use for Speckled trout fishing is fluorocarbon leader trout have very goo eye sight and the water can get very clear in the fall. Give Stren’s tinted fluorocarbon leader material a try. I like gunsmoke tint for clearer waters and tannic tint for river or stained waters. I use twenty pound and thirty pound when the blue fish are around.

Thanks so much for reading this report, if you would like a guided fishing charter; give me call or drop me a line. Don’t forget take a kid fishing and good fall fishing to ya!

Fishing gear we use:

Gear used: False Albacore and Speckled trout: reels Penn Sargus SG2000 and Battle 2000. Rods: All Star ASR 7’ Trout (med-light) and/or Redfish (med) series. Line: Spiderwire Ultracast ten and fifth teen pound. Bull Redfish: Penn Battle 6000 or 7000 and Penn Conquer 7000 spinning reels. Rods: Ugly Stik Tiger Jigging 6’6” spinning

Captain Jot Owens

Ranger Boats Pro Staff

Penn Reels Elite Staff




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Great report,and photo's ,thanks for all the tackle info also.i'll be down soon.

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Need to learn my way on the " circle hooks " never hook a fish in the bad way but " I Don't need to see the first one to move to the circle " only have about 2 years on salt water fishing and still hunting the small creatures, but I know there are some BIG too.

Learned a LOT from the " big brothers " and more to go!!!!

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