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Well, I went and looked at a 47' Post in NJ on Sunday.

My 28' Express Cruiser just wasn't big enough to do what I wanted.

I want a/c for those nasty hot and humid nights. Sleeping in the current boat is out of the question, everything is soaked with the summer humidity.

Also wanted central heat and an enjoyable place to stay a few days on and bring two large dogs along. I'm not a fair weather boater, I shoveled snow off it last winter and got out to play.

The Post has a big salon, full kitchen and full-sized fridge. Even have room for a kegarator, LOL!!! Two bedrooms, heads and showers, heat and a/c, Sat TV, radar, etc. It would be a five hour run down the Chessie to the ocean, so I would make it a three day excursion.

Got a lot of work to do, new electronics, wood work, various cosmetics, etc.

Good thing is the hull and engines appear to be in good shape.

Will be doing a survey on it Tuesday, complete report from surveyor two days after.

If the survey goes well, I'm buying it.

Will post before and after pictures as I go along with the refit.

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That ought to keep you busy,that's a lot of has always been a top of the line fishing next door neighbor has one ,not sure what year it is, and it has great,i trailer my grady white and get a hotel room.5852a59a47110_47POST011(640x480).jpg.948

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Currently I'm determining what TV I can put in. I think I can get away with a 40" or 42".

Plan to put in a keg fridge, but that plan may be short lived.

I actually had requests from the fairer sex to put in a "dancing" pole, LOL!!

The stock pictures aren't angled right for me, I'll take my own and post them.

I'm kind'a anal about having the "right shot".

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