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Last week my wife Cindy and I went on a trip to Austria, primarily to visit her mother, brother and multiple other relatives spread throughout the country. The weather was perfect, between 65 and 75 most every day and it only lightly rained one day.

We drove from Poquoson Va. to D.C. then flew to Heathrow in London and on to Vienna Austria.

We were fortunate that Cindy’s brother Glen was able to take the same eight days off and drive us all over the country and show us the sights. I was able to see a lot of the places my wife has been telling me about, we went to many churches, castles, parts of the alps and of course her relatives houses. One of them is a veterinarian and has a couple of horses. One was retired with the most extensive personal garden I have ever seen with over 160 varieties of plants and a pond with dozens of carp, coy and several sturgeon up to four feet long fed by a natural underground spring. One owns a guest house that we stayed in a couple of nights. One is agriculturist with an extensive garden at his house. Another is a farmer with a bunch of milk cows and kittens. Another is an engineer with a really cool modern home, just to name a few.

I was lucky to be able to take a couple of her second cousins fishing for a half a day at a local pond where we caught a couple trout that we ate for a snack later that day. They were thrilled and had never been fishing before. I gave one of them the travel rod I brought with me in case I had the chance to wet a line. His father later told me I ruined his son because he now wants to be a fisherman not an engineer. I told him to be an engineer during the week and a fisherman on the weekends.

It was a great week spent with my wife and I can honestly say I ate and drank way too much, but I guess that is part of being on vacation. I took more pictures than I should of and now I have to weed threw them all. Here are a couple of them from our trip.




























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Glad you had a nice time! It is a beautiful country and don't worry, it is very easy to eat and drink too much when it tastes that good!

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Nice !!! great pictures Brian and I can see was a GREAT trip.

And from be a " Enginieer to a fisherman " a big and nice change LOL LOL

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great story and great pics brian. look forward to seeing the new ride this weekend!

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Alway's look forward to your posts.Look's like she has a pretty cool family.And you even got in a little fishing trip.

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