The Way to Preserve Food Back on the Days

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I was reading some fishing reports and I came across with some old time way to preserve fish...

back in my early days at MOM ( RIP ) home we didn't have a refrigerator and we used some ways to have the food good for some extra time.

I learn ( read ) this morning the " Forgotten art of corning preserves fish for months" :icon_pray:

..." Corning is an old-fashioned method of preserving fish in salt brine, and the corned fish doesn't require refrigeration or freezing. Merritt, owner of The Catch Seafood at Five Points Community Farm Market in Norfolk, learned to corn spot from his father..."



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Great article. Thanks for sharing. :icon_thumright:

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The same as corned beef,the rich had ice delivered from the mountain tops,also there were underground root boxes that maintained temp and humidity.as a kid my mom had a ice box and they got deliveries twice weekly in baltimore city. I have friends that pickle fresh veggies and hot peppers.

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