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5852a5988728c_Paxriver006(800x600).jpg.1Towed my 1987 Aquasport to Solomons.Stiff southwest breeze yesterday.Went out to the mouth of the river and bottom fished with fishbites and squid strips.Lots of small spot perfect for livelining,A few pan sized croakers on the fake bloodworm,and 4 or 5 weakfish about 12 " on the squid strips.Area was full of baitfish schools,and I was surrounded by breaking blues a couple times 12"-14".Went out into the bay and caught a couple blues trolling clark spoons.Too rough out there, 4-5foot sea made me turn around.Also saw this strange boat.Anybody know what it is???


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That is a test version of the USN stealth boat.

Always some interesting stuff out there.

Saw a F-18 flying low and slow with the cockpit hatch open for a couple hours.

Went out the same day as you, yeah, it was a little sporty, I only stayed out about 8 hours.

Was stuffing the bow every 8-14 seconds but stayed dry all day.

It got difficult running and gunning chasing the breaking schools.

The running portion was only up to about 20 mph.

Got a mix of Spanish Mackerel up to 24" and Taylor Blues.

Went back into the river to catch some bait spot for the next day.

Stayed out in the river until about midnight with a Striper head on two 20/0 hooks looking for that elusive Bull Shark.

Continued to catch bait but no takers on the head.

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Yeah Steve,It was hard going past the mouth of the river.You must have had an enclosed boat.guess i should have taken my Grady,I like to use the old Aquasport ,but those conditions call for more cover.5852a599155ae_BLUEFISHATBRICKHOUSEBAR002

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