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Good to get back on the sand & salt today (Saturday 8/14), my Baby Bird & I hit it late 10am to noon window. The Refuge Beach surf was up and rough when we first got there given the low pressure system/front with NE 5K. So initially lite tackle bottom fishin was out so I put two drum rods out on frozen mullet. No grass yet. High tide was ~1145am.

At the top of the tide the current/surf dropped out so we could hold bottom w/lite tackle. Caught a small spot and a 15" sea mullet on BW fishbites ~ shunk off. Then the heaver goes for a short run with a fresh cut piece of spot resulting in a 3-4' Blacktip shark AKA toothy critter hitting the beach and released.

Caught one more baby blacktip a 12" job before the grass set in on the out going tide making it unfishable. So we wrapped it on up and headed back to the house. Highlight was the little toothy critter for folks but a bit out matched on my 13' CTS rod. While the low spot was when my new custom 11' Wheels Reels rod (WRI 1143 rated 4-7oz) broke on the cast. Only the second surf rod I've broke on the cast in 20 yrs of surf fishing!

Fortunately, our local rod builder Ronnie Hogwood of R&S Custom Rods Norfolk, VA (757) 588-0429 will give me credit towards a different blank as I sure as heck don't want another WRI rod anytime soon.

All this is just practice and a part of gearing up for the Fall big red drum run :cool:

Tight lines,


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I thought they made carts/wheels? Now they have RODS? so goes walley world. I hope you get 100% credit.

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