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Kmw and I hit plo ..looking for something different...the action was really slow Blues spots and croakers were caught will try again @ end of Aug :happy7:

Hight light was checking out a small pod of Dolphins working the water off the point

The cooler shot is a another anglers catch







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More pics

The kid working a peeler and it payed off big time .>>>>just couldn't turn it around :angry5:




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My brother and I went out the 30th to PLO. We've always had success this time of year fishin' for blues with fresh caught cut spot from the shore. This time the plan was to hit the breaking blues from the yaks with lures. And wouldn't you know it, no blues! I'm not complaining though we caught a few wee-rocks, one delicious keeper rock, croaker, some huge spot, and even what I think is some kind of trout all on a spoon/jig (basically a lead weight in the shape of a fish modified with a feather treble hook from an X-Rap). They were all caught near that first set of rocks where the people fish from the comfort of their cars, just beyond the reach of the people casting from the shore and all at and slightly after sun-up on the outgoing tide. If you never caught a rock on a medium action rod, it is FUN!

Good fishin,





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