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I am coming down in a couple weeks and I am wondering if anyone can tell me a bit about surf fishing in myrtle beach.

can you fish right in front of the hotels? Is anything biting right now...(or in 2 weeks,)

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Hit a pier....you'll get out past the crowds. You can't target sharks anywhere in Horry County. I'm not sure if you can fish the beaches during the day or not down there. And honestly, even if allowed I wouldn't recommend it until evening. The beach gets really crowded. I've had lots of luck fishing Springmaid and Surfside piers. Avoid garden city pier, and I've never fished Apache. I can tell you...if you fish Surfside, be nice to the locals and they'll be nice to you. Species around? Should be Pompano, Spanish Mackerel, Blues, TONS OF SHARKS AND RAYS and some Sheepshead if you target them. If you are looking for some more specifics let me know. Oh...bait shops....there's a small little shop on the left heading down to Murrell's Inlet....it's the best one in the area. if you like to target sharks head south of Myrtle, my favorite place is Pawley's Island.

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