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BERLIN, Md. -- Two areas of Assateague Island National Seashore will be temporarily closed to public use in order to protect breeding piping plovers.

The closed areas include the southern portion of the public Over-Sand Vehicle route south of kilometer marker 23.5, and a section of ocean beach and island interior north of Assateague State Park.

The closures will begin on or around June 24th and remain in effect for up to four weeks.The area closures are necessary to protect Piping Plovers, small migratory shorebirds that nest on open, sandy beaches and raise their chicks along the ocean, bay and interior sand flats where they feed on insects and other invertebrates.

On Assateague, the Piping Plover breeding season generally runs from April through mid-August.

Plovers are easily disturbed by humans and will leave their nests or feeding areas if approached.

Source: PLOVER: Two areas of Assateague Island National Seashore closed for nesting | delmarvanow.com | The Daily Times

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Last time i talked to nps they were going to try and keep an access corridor open past 23, but a week ago, i saw probably 1-2 miles of beach torn up south of 23 from a vehicle doing repeated donuts down the beach. Out of sight out of mind ? Too far south to patrol on a regular basis, easy to close the beach and say its for the birds. One ranger said they caught the vehicle, another said they had not. John

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