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I am bringing my girlfriend down this Saturday to do some fishing and I am hoping to get her her first saltwater fish. She loves to fish and I would love for her to get something. I am new at fishing the salt and was wanting to both pier fish in Ocean City and surf fish also. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank You

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depending on were you are staying there are bait shops all aroind. Pick up some striped bass rigs and bluefish rigs. You will want to get bunker and finger mullet as bait.

Chunking Bait - Bait Fishing by Bob D'Amico - Striped Bass Fishing, Stripers, Rockfish - StriperSurf.com - Saltwater Inshore and Surf Striped Bass Fishing

That is a link to show you how to cut up bunker. Pick up sinkers in the size range ur rod will hold. Pyrimid sinkers are the staple kind for surf fishing but there are many others such as....

1. Hurricane a.k.a hattaras or storm sinkers ( what I use)

2. Bank Sinkers

3. Tounge Sinkers

Stripers are biting decent still and probably will be from what I heard.(Im from PA but love saltwater fishing so i read all the reports and stuff).They will probably be biting good through the begining of June.

Bluefish are biting now. The big ones at least.

You will want a main line on ur reel of 15- 20lb test. and then a shock leader of 40- 80 lb test. Good strong swivels in the 150lb range.

If ur coming down for a weekend buy premade rigs. I just started making my own rigs but the others guys will talk to you bout that.

If you like lures there are all kinds of spoons and plugs that you can throw in the surf but in the OC area freshly dead and live bait sees to work best.


And Welcome to the site!!!!

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