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On Sunday evening at 5pm I was about to close up the shop for the day when I received a phone call. It was from a cell phone and it was hard to hear. All I could make out was "is anyone going to be around to clean a tuna?" Then I heard "we won't be in until around 6-6:30." All I could think was...man I'm tired, but the first tuna of the year is coming in we had better stick around. So, I told the guy we would be here to take care of his fish.

5:30 comes around and here comes a boat. A boat that had decided to go out that morning to go sharking. I had thought they had already returned to the dock for the day. They surprised us with the First Thresher Shark of the season. The "Undertaker" with Bill, Bill Doherty, Jr and CJ Walus came to the dock with a 216lb shark. They had been out near the Twin Wrecks that afternoon and were using Hook 'em & Cook 'em's Special Chum Mix along with a blue fish fillet on the hook. Bill, Jr, the angler, said it took almost 2 hours to bring the fish to the boat. Congrats to them.

No sooner had I looked at the clock ,it was about 6:10pm, I looked out the window and the boat that had called about the tuna had arrived!!

"Margin" had come in with our first blue fin tuna of the year. It weighed 66.4lbs and was caught just north of the Norfolk. Tom Dorwalt, the angler, said they caught it on a blue Ilander while trolling.

After Christopher had cleaned,steaked and bagged the fish all that was left was the clean up. So two and a half hours after that phone call we were finally on our way home. That was definitely worth it.

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