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If you were looking for good fishing action, then it was a great week to fish the inlet and a bad week to be a rock fish.

The week had a slow start but then around Thursday that all changed.

Rock fish started showing up on Thursday at the mouth of the jetty and steadily moved in for this week-end.

Over all the bite improved both day and night. Sometimes it didn't seem to matter if it was day or night or what tide you were fishing on.

The night bite was great on Friday with some people refering to it as a "Frenzy" all along the inlet. This all happened between the beginning and the end of the tide with many fisherman catching there limits with an hour or two.

Paul Cronshaw and John Quattlebaum caught their limits Friday night before the thunderstorms. Others said they fished after the storms around 3am and they were still landing fish off the rocks or by boat.

Fisherman reported catching anywhere from the bridge to the Coast Guard Station on both the North and South sides of the Inlet.

Most fisherman have been catching there keepers using white bucktails with white worms, some have been fishing with Tsunami and Storm Lures. 5" & 6" lures in colors that range from golden mullet, shad or blue back herring.

Most of the fish have been reported from 30" up to 45". We have had several brought in to the fish cleaning table that ranged in weight from 13-24lbs.

Not to be out done by the inlet the surf had a few rock fish on Friday evening, before sunset. A 19lber was brought to our southern store in South Bethany from the surf at Bethany Beach. It was caught on a finger mullet. So you better have finger mullet along with that tried and true bunker bait.

Blue fish were also reportedly being caught in the inlet, but not in any large numbers yet. They were of the snapper variety and ranging from 12"-16".

Along with the blue fish the shad are schooling out in the inlet too. Most are snagging these fish with spec rigs of various sizes and colors. One man reported that he caught shad for almost 2 hours the other night.

Flounder action has slowed a bit, but only more fisherman have turned their attention to fishing for the striper right now.

A few flounder were brought in on Saturday. Minnows on plain hooks or bucktails, or Gulp "Pearl White Swimming Mullet" on a 1/2 oz jig head are still the ticket when fishing for the flatties. These fish are still being caught in the back bay around the same areas....Massey's Ditch and the VFW Slough. It is still is too early to see them out in the ocean.

And while tog fishing is closed and black sea bass is still closed, ocean fishing is still in limbo.

Only one week left until we can fish for those sea bass, we are counting down the days!!! Come on May 22nd.

Until next time...keep casting,

Mrs Bert (Deanna)

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