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What a beautiful week it has been. Hope everyone has gotten out and enjoyed it whether you are a fisherman or not. (Hopefully you are, but I won't hold it against you! ;)

Rock fish have still been hitting in the Indian River Inlet, but have admittedly it has slowed down some now that the water temperature is on the rise. You will probably see smaller ones being brought in than the larger ones now. But with that said, Bill Winkler, of Frankford, brought in a 42.9lber that he caught while in the Inlet and using a live hickory shad.

For fishing the Inlet, Storm Lures and flies are the tackle that most are choosing, but if you are able to catch bunker, herring or even a shad (and keep them alive) you can use them to land a nice keeper as well.

Rock fish are still in the surf, but word has it that the blues are starting to make it in to the shore too. Most are still using fresh bunker. Remember, the key to using bunker is to cut the head off about a 1/2" back from the gill and use that part. Use the remainder as chunks for the blue fish.

Tautogs have slowed a bit in the Inlet. Most are reporting that they are catching much smaller ones now. Marcus Munday of Felton, De brought a 6.6lber in Thursday. He beat his father fishing, but we won't rub it in.


Flounder are still being caught in the back bays, Debbie Roach , of Wilm., DE brought in a 4lb flounder on Sunday. She was fishing with her family (the only girl and the only one to catch a fish and on a pink rod) in the inlet. She was using a minnow on a bucktail.

The bait of choice has now changed to minnows and squid. The tackle has been a variety of things...from plain bottom hooks to bucktails to green machines. I guess the fish are hungry and not too picky about color. Off-shore fishing has not started yet, but we can't wait to see the first yellow fin to hit the table.

I have not heard of any blues being fished for out in the ocean…...let's hope that they will fill the void when tog closes and while we wait for sea bass to open. Let's all pray to the fishing gods to make something happen!! ;)

Until next time, keep fishing.

Mrs. Bert (Deanna)

Hook 'em & Cook 'em

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