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Hey everyone...it is about that time of year for the big ol' sharks to come to town. Might be a little early, but I am sure ready to catch them!

This summer, instead of just ONE week at the beach like past years, I will be LIVING at the beach from Late may til Late August! I cannot wait to see what sort of sharks we can hook into this summer!

Anyway, does anyone have any knowledge as to the sharks that pup in DE bay? I had heard that the Scalloped Hammerheads will use the DE bay to pup, which tells me that there should be some migratory females coming up the coast? Who knows...but I am sure as heck going to try to catch one. I caught one 4' pup last summer.

I could be wayyyyyyyyy off...but I am going to start sharkin' hard right when I get down. We will see if I can pick up anything!

Ben Dziwulski

God bless

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The way the water temps keep rising, I wouldn't be surprised to see an early arrival of the toothy critters this year.

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that's true i have already caught a rough tail ray. Ben, sand tigers will be here by month's end no doubt with the rising water temps. sand bars and spinners will need a few more weeks. it wont be long now.

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