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Ashton, JC, Brian and I watched the weather window for Sunday open up and headed to Oregon Inlet, NC hoping to troll up a few Yellowfin Tuna. I haven’t used my 50s and outriggers for a long, long time... getting bit by the jigging and popping bug is what put the dust on the riggers and gold, little did we know that the day we decided to troll would turn out to be the day we would have to jig and pop around triple rigged outriggers, a center rigger and eight fifty wides.

We started the day at the 540 at 500 fathoms in 68.1 degree lifeless water just when I knew we had to make a move we get a call from one of our buddy boats “Carolina Melody” who tells us they have tuna airing out all around them but they can’t hook up. We head that direction and find the skying tuna at the 512 on the 500 fathom curve, we immediately fire out a popper and instantly hook up on an 80 pound class BFT. This took place at 9:30 am and went on until 3:00 pm when we left the fish biting and headed home. We pursued the fish from the 512 line to the 570 and in the end boated nine fish from 50 to 100 pounds, seven on poppers and two on jigs.

The fish were caught from the 512 to the 570 at 500 fathoms in 69 to 70 degree dirty water. We were throwing OTI Komodo, and Strike Pro Tuna Hunter Jr. poppers from 7’6” Asian FHB custom popping rods made by JC.

While we were in the fish tossing poppers and the bottom machine would light up we would switch to dropping jigs and instantly hook up. We focused primarily on the topwater bite but the jig bite was certainly there as well.Once it was apparent the trolling bite would not pay off we called in my friend James Metzger who was out there without any jigging or popping gear and passed him a jigging rod and some jigs so him and his crew could get in on the action instead of simply watching others catch fish.

clear.gifAn outstanding day on the water thanks to JC, Brian and Ashton. Great fishing along side James Metzger, Danny Kee and Chuck Murphy.


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Your posts and videos are always the best!!!!!! Nice work guys!

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