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Happy Easter

It appears our fabulous run of Black Drum has ended for 2010. Sunday morning I was unable to find the school then a double check around noon yielded the same results. It was a great 4 weeks for Captain’s Stevens anglers who got to tangle with these mega bruisers up to 50 pounds.

Good news inshore water temperatures rose above 70 degrees. I ran to the Skyway Bridge and found whitebait in good quantity 100 yards from the pilings. Silver Clark spoons were quickly deployed with instant results. The drag screaming run of 25” Mackerel on light tackle is a blast. These speedsters were trashing in and out of the bait schools. A rapid retrieve is a must to take mackerel a big change from slow bouncing jigs during winter. Mackerel seem to feed endlessly, find the school and the action will be nonstop.

Trout were quick to chase 4” silver DOA CAL shad jerk baits and DOA Glo shrimp on a popping cork in 3-5’ of water. Trout love lush grass and clean water so find the two in 3-5’ of water and its game on.

We did not target redfish but Captain Justin Asherman reported catching several redfish on white baits. Justin reported the schools were large 100+ fish but overall they were finicky feeders.

Pinellas Point was loaded with big Ladyfish Sunday. Jigs retrieved quickly were met time after time with jumping Ladies. The sun was high and the wind was calm allowing great visuals of Ladyfish chasing baits.

The weather outlook is rosy with warm sunny days and no rain in sight the next 10 days. Tampa Bay is shallow and warms rapidly. Look for the baitfish migration to kick into high gear with Mackerel pouring in followed by Kingfish.

Captain Steven Markovich

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