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Capt. Monty

Morning Star Fishing Report

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Fish Report 4/1/10

Toggin Along

April Fools


Opening the book for April 5th & 6th Regular Tog Trips - Boat sells out at 14 - Green crabs provided - Cabin heated (?) - Leave at 7:00 for these trips (or earlier if all are aboard--PLEASE be early so we can leave early--6:40 is great!) - Return no later than 3 - 3:30 (usually) - $100.00 buys a spot - Reservation a must, that phone number in signature - Email does not work for reservations - Call - Leave a good phone number--Cell--in case of cancellation. Tog Limit is 4 fish @ 14 inches - We encourage the release of all females under 16 (and some way bigger too!!) Fish Pool is decided by length so tagged and released fish can count too.

Hi All,

An interesting day on the rip. Some guys limited, one skunked, put a male back 14 pounds..

Set a pair of anchors into an ENE current first thing this morning. Not liking that; We haven't been bit in a northerly current since November.

But they did bite.

Sure sign of spring that; A very welcome, if ultra-fussy, bite.

Finally the current slacked and, predictably, was getting ready to roll all the way around to the SSW.

I don't know who arranged it - I couldn't guess: I re-set anchors favoring the current to be: Derned if that current didn't slow to a crawl and then turn right back up to the north. All the big-weather above us this week I suppose. I've only seen the current do it a few times.

Different sort of April Fools.. shows what I know.

The weather forecast is very nice for Monday & Tuesday after Easter--the 5th and 6th.. We're plenty ready for our inspection; Go catch some tog.

Enjoy this wonderful weekend & Happy Easter.



PS - In case you haven't heard, the Fed closed sea bass last fall using some of the worst data sets to have ever come from MRFSS. Great Scott... I've been pounding away on that all winter ---- when the largest artificial reef on the east coast is going to be sunk this summer not 30 miles from Ocean City's inlet - The Radford Project.


History is being written all around us. What befalls my industry will either be history created with a courageous step forward; where key federal managers say, "Enough!"

Or, in their accepting of the same tired arguments that brought us to this disaster, history will show how my industry sank in an economic maelstrom of management's creation; an evisceration of a traditional fishery brought about by overfishing that never happened with data that should have never seen light of day.


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