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The tarpon action continues to be most reliable. Throw in the factor of favorable tides for early evening Bay action and it's a hard combination to beat. Government Cut is seeing many fish rolling around in the deep water. Getting them to eat is easy on some evenings and a challenge on others. Once we get into the dusk period, the tarpon normally cooperate to the delight of my anglers.

Justin Kavounas, Chad Graham, Jason Orrock, and Josh Perkins got their initiation to tarpon fishing during their two evening trips. During the first evening, it was the dusk period that had us fighting a 100 pound tarpon that gave us fits during the first part of the fight and then showed us its stamina and power during the middle and latter stages of the battle. Everyone was amazed at the size and power of this beautiful silver beast. As happens many times during the release of a tarpon, it gets its revenge by soaking me and the angler with a giant tail slap as it swims away. We then moved into the Bay to take advantage of the tide. At the second location we tried, we got the action we were seeking. The first fish had other plans and gave us back our hook with one giant leap. The baits went back out and it only took a few minutes before we got our second chance. This time it was a solid hook up on a spinning outfit and the fish did its best to separate us from the hook. The tight line that was kept by a very good angler didn't allow that to happen. Things got crazy and we countered every move of the fish with one of our own. After making numerous circles both forward and backward, the fish finally calmed down enough for us to get a few quick pictures before I tried to remove the hook and take my soaking once again.

The next evening with the same group started out with a large mangrove snapper and jack crevalle in the deep water. With no action on the south side and the tide going in the right direction, we headed into the Bay once again. This time we had a strike before I could set up the second outfit. The action came in spurts with fish in the 30 - 50 pound class. By the end of the trip, we had 6 shots at the silver king and successfully landed and released 3 of the fish. Everyone got their shots during the 2 evenings and there are now four more enthusiastic tarpon anglers who are looking forward to more action with the mighty tarpon.

The Bay action requires the correct tides. The tides change each evening, so if this style of fishing that I refer to as Gorilla Tarpon Fishing sounds like something you'd like to do, give me a call 305 965-9454 or email me nkostyo@bellsouth.net I'll check the tides and if you're willing to fish some unusual hours, then you can experience this hard nosed, rock 'em sock 'em action that will have you wanting more and more.

Captain Dave Kostyo

Knot Nancy Fishing Charters, Inc.

305 965-9454 Cell

Charter Fishing in Miami and Miami Beach for Sailfish, Tarpon, Dolphin and Kingfish aboard the Knot Nancy


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