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Tampa Bay’s red hot black drum action is hardly a secret any longer! Good friends Dave and Dan found the school exactly where I directed them and it was game on Wednesday. The school was not happy and broken into several smaller groups due to heavy boat pressure. By time Dave and Dan left there were 9 boats after the one school.

Be patient and let the school come to you, chasing the drum in skinny water will only shut down the bite for everyone. My guys used live shrimp while Captain Justin Asherman used Gulp baits to entice these bruisers. Let the drum settle down and they will go back to feeding with their tails in the air in just 2.5 - 3’ of water. Amazing sight and photo opportunity. Captain Jim Fesperman of Hook Setting Charters also jumped into the Black drum action and reported good action on large fish. Captain Jim also reported as many as 15-20 boats on the school this week! Sounds like Boca Grande Tarpon fishing.

I’ve gotten several reports from fellow Captains that Mackerel are starting to show up. Captain Bill Miller reported Mackerel were at the Skyway Bridge per his report in the Tampa tribune. That’s always a good sign spring is about to explode.

Inch by inch it’s getting better every day. Redfish are certainly perking up along oyster bars and mangrove shorelines at higher tides. Look for improved action next week’s mid day high tides over 2.0’. The forecast shows below normal temperatures the next 10 days but overall mild with temps in the low to mid 70’s.

The action is about to bust loose and when it does are you ready? If you are a boat owner I promise wait time for repairs is nothing compared to what it will be once the bite goes off. Have you replaced last year’s braided lines? Is your license valid? Is your tackle bag clean, neat and replenished? Have you booked your spring charter dates?

Captain Steven offered late afternoon / early evening snook trips last year that were amazing successful for my out of town business people. We would fish 2-3 hours till sunset then chase snook under the stars. We will be running these same trips starting in April.

Captain Steven Markovich

Florida Fishing Charters | On The Mark Fishing Charters | Tampa Bay | Clearwater | Boca Grande

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