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Boca Grande, <acronym title="Florida">fl</acronym>.

17 March 2010

Fishing this week has been below average so far. I trust it will pick up now that the weather is warming. I did see several snook in the backcountry yesterday and had no trouble with seatrout. Redfish are rated good to excellent depending on the tide. High winds have made many waters cloudy. Only the backcountry waters are clear enough to sight fish. The clear water of the back country requires stealth and rather long casts when fishing for redfish. The reds seem a bit spooky, but good casts will take them easily.

Curt Peterson and his nephew, Henry, caught a couple dozen seatrout near Cayo Pelau on Tuesday. Henry's biggest fish was 20 inches. This very polite 13 year old spent a couple of hours learning to fly fish before attacking the trout. I see a new expert in the making.

Ron Whiteley and I fished Monday taking only a few seatrout. Ron's biggest was over 20 inches. While casting at some basking snook, Ron had a very large fish follow all the way to the boat before turning off. Wrong Fish or wrong fly? Who knows, but probably because the fish was in cold water and was lethargic.

Water temps reached 67 degrees yesterday and will continue to rise slowly. I predict more activity in the coming days. I will be targeting snook and redfish for the next week or two before adding tarpon to the mix. Time to go fishing.

Fish Hard,

Capt. Pete

Florida Flyfishing,Flyfishing School

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