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If all of these things have been answered previously, just direct me where they are or tell me to search, I know how repetive questions can become a nuisance.

I've read various threads on this and other sites about AI and the costs to fish there. This is what I'm wondering:

If I am going there to camp for 2 nights, and want to be able to fish 24 hours a day, and am not going to drive on the beach, how much is it going to cost? What fees am I going to have to pay? Liscences, passes, etc. If I make 3-5 trips this year, are there other options?


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Camping AI NP - Oct16-Apr14 $16/night

Camping AI NP - Apr15-Oct15 $20/night

Camping AI SP - $30/night

AI NP requires entrance fee even if camping in the NP.

Foot/Bicycle: No Fee

Individual: $3.00

Motorcycle: $10.00 - 7 Days

Vehicle: $15.00 - 7 Days

Vehicle: $30.00 - Park Annual Pass, valid from 1/1 - 12/31.

MD fishing license - none needed - $0

NOAA National Saltwater Angler Registry - required - $0

Walk to the beach (no OSV) - $0

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