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I dropped the Yamaha at Crab Creek Boat Ramp at Lynhaven Inlet, Virginia Beach Va. and ran and trolled from Cape Henry to the Ramada and then off of 4A. Saw Scattered bait/ fish marks and three whales but could not find a Striped Bass. I then went to the third Island of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge tunnel and Tog fished around the piles with crab and clams, no bites. Saw two more whales right beside the bridge, every time I would put the camera away one would pop up. I did not catch anything today, but it was a pretty day and a saw a lot. I did not see or here anyone catching today. I covered about 45 miles and burned 11.5 galllons. Here are a couple of pictures. The osprey pictures were taken in my backyard.












yahoopng-1.jpg aolpng-1.jpg aimpng-1.jpg facebookpng-1.jpg share_save_120_16png-1.jpg

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