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Every Thursday night my wife has some of her friends over and they chat and paint, they call it Art Night. I jokingly call it Wine Drinking Night. Every now and then I subject them to what ever fish I happened catch that week and this week it was Tog. So here here is my pictorial of me cooking for the first time what I am calling "Tog Piccatta". I basically followed the recipe for Chicken Picatta and substituted Tog fillets and few other things. Here we go;

First and most important thing is to run thirty miles offshore and catch one.


Then Fillet and cut into three to four inch pieces.


Season and flour your catch. I like House Autry.


Heat and butter up the pan.


Pan fry till golden brown on each side.



Add a glass of cooking wine and cook it off.


Get your sides cooking while all this is going on. Tonight was Meditrranean Couscous and Angel Hair Pasta because girls like to say "Couscous".


Put it all on a platter shaped like a fish because, hey were eating fish, not chicken!


Serve it up nicely to your wifes friends and listen to thier rave reviews.





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Now that is a great post! Great job, Brian! :icon_salut:

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Man Brian,You got me smackin my lips.I consider myself as somewhat of an artist,but i drink beer.this is why they call me whittlinden.I am going to try that recipe,never added wine before.


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Wow those look really cool. I have no artistic skills but my wife makes up for it.

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