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With the fantastic Bluefin bite taking place off the North Carolina coast Tommy, Aaron, JC and I figured we need to cash in on the opportunity before it was over so with the weather looking fantastic for Tuesday we headed south.

We got underway just before sun-up and headed directly for the 280 at the 100 fathom curve, precisely where the fish were caught the day before, however, every day is different and the 280 was lifeless. We trolled north to the 300 when we got a call from a friend the they were hooked up five miles north. We rapidly pulled in our lines and bolted to the 350 where we re-deployed our baits. The baits were immediately attacked by 150 to 200 pound class Blue Fin Tunas. A few boils, a few explosions and we were hooked up. We looked at each other... “that didn’t take long”. We cleared lines while the fish ripped off 300 yards at 18 pounds in what seemed like less than a minute. Once the lines were cleared JC settled in the harness and one hour and twenty minutes later we boated a 170 pound 70” tuna.

We decided to head back south to perhaps locate some Blackfins but again the 280 to 230 was lifeless. We decided to pack it up at 1:45pm when our buddy boat Carolina Melody tells us he is in the middle of busting tunas... time to try out our new popping gear we shoot up 4 miles and 60 pound class tuna were in fact airing out Aaron and JC moved to the bow Aaron with a swim bait and JC with a popper, the fish wanted the popper and in short order JC was hooked up and shortly after boated a 60 pound class BlueFin Tuna on a topwater plug.

Unfortunately we could not hook fish on a jig that day but all in all a GREAT day on the water.

350 to 400 line, 85 to 100 fathoms, 71.2 degree water just east of a 10 degree temp break over an 1/8 of a mile with a drastic color change fish was caught on a blue and white Ilander Sea Star with a medium large Baitmasters ballyhoo on 130 pound mono leader.







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Your photo's turned out great,you guy's fishing a Boston whaler?

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