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The Bass Pro Shop in Hampton Virginia is having their Spring Fishing Classic. This is a great event in which they invite a lot of the local fishing community to come and talk about what else---fishing! In my case, jet ski fishing and photography ( I am not a photographer but I like to take pictures). Luckily they are letting me bring my Yamaha but they still will not let me put it in the big demo tank. I brought it to the store today and it will be on display thru sunday, my talk is at 4:30 on sunday. There are a lot of great speakers the next two weekends so come and show them your support and learn thier tricks!

Here is a list of the times and talkers.


6:00pm Deep Dropping and Wreck Fishing - Captain Skip Feller

7:00pm Virginia Gamefish Tagging


10:00am Frog Fishing - Bobby Smith

11:00am Fishing with Hogy Lures – Tank Demo

11:00am Finesse Baits - Chuck Hart

12:00pm How To Target World Record Class Fish - Dr. Julie Ball

1:00pm Swim Baits - Ed Lewis

1:30pm Fish Feeding – with Capt.Eddie Griggs and Tanner Long

2:00pm Chunking For Stripers - Capt. Max King

3:30pm “Kayak Fishing”, Author Cory Routh- Seminar and Book Signing!

5:00pm Bowfishing at its Best! - Chase Simmons


10:00am Shakey Head Fishing - Buzz Goodwin

11:00am Buzz Baits - Ed Lewis

11:30am Fishing with Swimbaits - Capt Eddie Griggs

12:30pm Artificials for Pups and Va. Tagging Program - Capt. George Wojcik and John Lucy

1:00pm Fishing Crank Baits - Chuck Hart

2:30pm Chunking For Stripers -Capt. Max King

4:30pm Fishing and Photographing from a Jet Ski - Jet Ski Brian


6:00pm Fishing for Cobia - Captain Ben Shepherd


10:00am Fishing Soft Plastics - Buzz Goodwin

11:00am Tank Demo with Madd Maxx Frogs

11:00am Finesse Fishing - Chuck Hart

12:00pm Back Woods Bass Fishing - Kyle Sawyer

1:00pm Basic Freshwater Techniques

1:00pm Fishing Swim Baits - Ed Lewis

2:00pm Jig Fishing - Bobby Smith

2:00pm Basic Knot Tying with Captain Don Lancaster

3:00pm Basic Freshwater Techniques

4:00pm Fresh and Salt Water Fishing

5:00pm Float Fishing techniques both Fresh and Salt Water - George Wojcik


10:00am Jig Fishing - Bobby Smith

11:00am Finesse Fishing - Chuck Hart

11:00am Tank Demo – Tru Tungsten Swim Baits

12:00pm Catching Fish Using Jigs All Year - Capt. Eddie Griggs

1:00pm Fishing Swim Baits - Ed Lewis

1:00pm Fishing Basics

2:00pm Fish Identification with Capt. Don Lancaster

3:00pm Fishing Basics

4:00pm Bank and Pier Fishing - George Wojcik

5:00pm Booyah Spinner Baits - Capt. Eddie Griggs

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I purchased a Canon d-10 you may want to try it out,makes stills and movies and is waterproof to about 30 ft. deep out of the box with no enclosure,shock resistant.I also use a manfrotto clamp to hold the camera steady,the threads fit the tripod threads that are on most cameras.I clamp it to the hatch cover on my Grady white and can record what happens in the cockpit.This is new stuff for me,but I have made 3 fishing videos and sent them to YOUTUBE and will be sharing them with the forum members.:hello:



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That is really cool. I like the clamp. I want to get into more video on my ski.

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that is a nice clamp.....think i need to add that to my arsenal. Brian get a mount like that mount it on the front bar with a wide angle lens to get all the action.

ive got a few videos on youtube as well, one of them (one of my favorites) had the audio deleted by the youtube police becuase "i didn't have the rights to use those two songs" so just becareful what music you put too it.

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yeah,I have heard of that happening,like to see your youtube vids anyway.Got that manfrotto clamp on amazon.com

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Great Brian!!!

Let see if I make it, I was at the bass Pro @ Baltimore for Berkley They was great.

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