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kind of a stupid question, but what are the size minimums and possession limits for stripers on assateague?? never really had to know because i never caught one off the beach:angry5: but just in case i do this year, thanks

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Let me start by scting like a teacher...."the only stupid question is the one you dont ask"....

I cut and pasted the limits for the Atlantic and its bays below...as well as the link to get to these limits.


Black Drum 16" Open year round 1/person/day

Black Sea Bass 12-1/2" Open year round

Closed effective 1:00 a.m 1/23/10

25/person/day Closed in the EEZ

Changes to be made for 2010

Bluefish 8" Open year round 10/person/day

Clam, Hard Transverse 1" Open year round 250/person/day

Croaker (Hardhead) 9" Open year round 25/person/day

Eel, American 6" Open Year Round

Lobster 3 3/8" carapace If pot mesh less than ½" x ½", escape panel required. 100 lobster/person/day or

500 lobster/trip for 5 day trip

5½" max. size for females

Must be landed whole

Mackerel, Spanish 14" Open Year Round 15/fish/person/day

Red Drum (Channel Bass) 18" - 27" Open year round 1/person/day

Striped Bass (Rockfish) 28" Open year round 2/person/day

Scup (Porgy) 8" Open year round 50/person/day CLOSED Mar 1-Sep 17 and

Dec 1-Dec 31 in EEZ.

Shad, American & Hickory PROHIBITED

Sharks Federal Regulations governing the Atlantic Ocean and its tributary Coastal Bays. Fishermen are prohibited from possessing white, dusky, sand tiger, bigeye sand tiger, whale, basking bignose, Galapagos, Night, Caribbean reef, narrowtooth, Caribbean sharpnose, smalltail, Atlantic angel, longfin mako, bigeye thresher, sevengill, sixgill and bigeye sixgill. Except for those sharks that are prohibited, recreational fisherman are allowed to possess one shark per vessel per trip with a minimum size of 54-inches and one Atlantic sharpnose shark or one bonnethead shark per person per trip with no minimum size.

Recreational Shark Requirements

Commercial Shark Requirements

Spotted Seatrout 14" Open year round 10/person/day

Sturgeon, Atlantic and Shortnose PROHIBITED

Summer Flounder 18"

April 15 thru September 13


Changes to be made in 2010

Tautog 14" Jan 1 thru May 15 and Nov 1 thru Nov 30

May 16 thru Oct 31



Closed month of December


13" Open year round

6 fish/person/day

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