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The new regulations for Flounder and Weakfish (Grey Trout) have been voted on.

Flounder 18-1/2" min. length - 4 fish per person

Weakfish 12" min. length - 1 fish per person starting May 1st.

It doesnt suprise me to see the one trout a day limit. The way that the rockfish have taken over the bay all year doesnt leave much food for the trout. Ive seen a huge decline in them over the last 5 years.

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LMAO...after seeing the grey trout population get obliterated the last few years they do this...Just close it till they rebound if they even rebound!

Like you said a direct correlation of no bait for stripers to eat, so the greys get whacked instead!

Be lucky even to catch a Grey...I think Bucket caught one last year and nada for me..year before maybe 1 or two....

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I caught several, but i was fishing spots that Ive fished my whole life. As long as i can remember these were spots that four or five men could go out and limit out in two hours on 4-6lb fish. Last year i caught maybe a total of 5. From what Ive seen crab is one of the prefered foods of the grey trout. With the rock hanging in the bay all summer they wipe out alot of the food. We have family here on the ES that have been waterman for generations, and they all claim that the decline in the trout and crab in the bay is due to the increasing number of rock. Not to mention that adalesent trout are also a prefered food for large rock. Im glad to see the rockfish make a good come back, but Im sure going to miss the trout in the pan. We'll just have to wait this cycle out.

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