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RE: False Cape State Park Virginia Gentlemen, Virginia Coastal Access Now (VCAN) is our 501c3 non-profit organization established in 2006 to defend the public’s access to and for the protection of Virginia coast. To date, our effort has focused on ensuring the public has a place to park at public access locations so real public access is available for everyone. Beyond restoring the “access to the access”, VCAN is also making every effort to enhance existing and create new public access here in Virginia. False Cape State Park (FCSP) is a unique public resource known for its natural beauty and remoteness.  FCSP is the only state park that provides Virginians public access to the Atlantic Ocean and Back Bay . Basing the proposed closure of the FCSP to balance this year’s state budget on park attendance is inappropriate and an incorrect assessment of the park’s value as an asset to the Commonwealth. Inappropriate because one of the park’s greatest features is being just a bit remote while riding the tram or biking and hiking in from Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge is a part of the great outdoor adventure.


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