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Both Captain Dave and Capt Gil of Miami Tarpon Fishing Charters Tarpon fishing charters in Miami with Captain Dave Kostyo and Captain Gil Gutierrez have been busy showing both their regular and new clients the thrills and excitement of catching the powerful, beautiful winter tarpon of Miami and Miami Beach. Thus far this season the Miami Tarpon Fishing Charters guys have been concentrating their efforts in the Haulover area of northern Miami Beach. The lone exception to this was Captain Dave's last trip which he made to Government Cut at the south end of Miami Beach due to the location that he picked his clients up at. And yes, Captain Dave and Captain Gil will pick you up at your location if you live on the water between Haulover Inlet and Government Cut. For those who are staying at a hotel in the South Beach area, we'll pick you up at the Barry Kutun Boat Ramp located at Purdy Avenue and 18th Street on Miami Beach.

The Haulover area has been producing multiple strikes with tarpon during the late afternoon on into the evening. The fish have ranged in weight from 30 - 100 pounds and are spread out along the whole tarpon hole area. Working together, both captains keep each other informed of where the fish have been concentrating their feeding efforts. Many evenings, both Dave and Gil are out their together with their individual clients. When first time tarpon anglers see a tarpon make that first spectacular jump, they can hardly believe their eyes. Then when the fish settles down and starts to slug it out with them, they begin to wonder what they've gotten themselves into. The joy, relief, and triumph that both captains see in their clients faces when the fish finally comes alongside the boat for a few pictures and release is what makes both Dave and Gil work very hard to put everyone on as many fish as possible during their tarpon fishing charter.

At Government Cut, Captain Dave found fish in the deep water of the main ship channel. When the fish are located in this area, it calls for a very different approach to get the tarpon to eat the bait. Watching fish roll at the surface and mark on the recorder keeps everyone's anticipation high. When the strike comes, the anglers eyes get big when they see how hard the rod bends over in protest. Line screams off the reel as all they can do is hold on and enjoy the moment. The main channel requires lots of boat handling and being aware of boat traffic, channel markers, ledges, and sea conditions. The tarpon has the distinct advantage of being in deep water. The anglers job is to get the fish up from 48 feet down. Doesn't sound like much, but ask any person who has caught a tarpon in the main channel during their tarpon fishing charter how difficult it really is. That's where both Captains Dave and Gil have the advantage of their years of experience to help you win the battle with the fish of a lifetime.

Lets sum it up. We are well into the winter tarpon fishing season in the Miami and Miami Beach area. The fish are feeding regularly on a daily basis. Both Captains of Miami Tarpon Fishing Charters still have some openings between now and the end of June so don't delay and miss out on the winter tarpon fishing season in Miami and Miami Beach. All it takes to get your Miami tarpon fishing charter started is to send us an email at info@miamitarponfishingcharters.com or call 305 965-9454 or 954 588-5951. Tell us you found out about us via the Miami Tarpon Fishing Charters website and book your charter. Then sit back, fasten your rod belt, and get ready for some heart pounding action.

Captain Dave Kostyo

Captain Gil Gutierrez

Miami Tarpon Fishing Charters

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