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Hampton City Council and City Manager Bunting, Virginia Coastal Access Now (VCAN) and our non-profit's membership was (and still is) opposed to the sale of the publicly owned Hampton City property to a private developer for further residential development at/near Buckroe Beach and it's inherent violation of City zoning ordinances. VCAN supports the Buckroe Bayfront Park Committee, the Committee of Petitioners, and the Buckroe lawsuit filed on February 11, 2010 against the City of Hampton and the private developer. And lastly, we are opposed to residential development on any of the Buckroe Beach B Lots. VCAN believes the best continued use and what the clear majority of Hampton residents want is for the Buckroe B Lots to remain as open space and unfettered public access to Buckroe Beach. Our non-profit's thanks in advance for your stewardship of the precious little remaining open (green) space that is left in Hampton including the future space that will become available at Ft. Monroe in 2011. Sincerely, Mark Feltner, President Virginia Coastal Access Now Help provide public access to Virginia's coast www.vcanaccess.org (http://www.vcanaccess.org/)


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