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Sunny, mild temperatures and light winds, when have you heard that in the last 2 months. Saturday’s trip was met with tons of enthusiasm, short pants and sun screen. It felt like we scored a Grand Slam even before wetting a line.

Low water temperatures equal gin clear water a result of the algae dying. Crystal clear water has its challenges so Captain Steven scales all the terminal tackle down in size. Braided mainlines 10-15 pound test with fluorocarbon leaders 15 pounds or less. Remember if you see the fish they see you and more than likely heard you coming for a long time.

Captain Steven received a report of black drum in the 30-40 pound range. I ran to the area but never located the school. The next 3 hours we worked hard on numerous locations with limted results. Our last stop the trout finally cooperated agreeesively attacking DOA CAL silver glitter jerk baits.

The water tempertures on Tampa Bay never got over 56 today. Look for the action to improve as the water warms heading into spring.

Captain Steven


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