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Winter time is in full force in Miami right now and if you brave the seemingly constant 20 MPH winds, there is plenty of action to be had. The last few weeks I’ve been concentrating my efforts on fishing for mackerel on fly and having a blast. Here is a pic from a few days ago. They key for this type of fishing in deeper than 20’ of water is using an intermediate sinking line and clousers. Often the macks will hit right on the surface but other times throughout the day they will go deep and that’s when the sinking fly line helps keep the action going. If you head out for some macks on fly make sure you do several things, 1) bring plenty of flies as those teeth make short work after just a few fish, 2) add about two inches of light wire trace as a bit tippet, 3) strip the fly fast and 4) be patient, if the bite stops keep looking for them by going back to the general area you were finding them and letting the fly sink to a count of 20 to 30 or more. Moving away from mackerel, some of the biggest bonefish of the year are out prowling the flats, these are very smart fish so make long accurate casts and give them a long lead so as not to spook them. The finger channels will hold an assortment of snappers, mackerels, and some groupers (remember there is a grouper clouser), the west side of the bay will hold snook in the creeks and trout in the deeper grass flats. The patch reefs in 10-30’ of water can be red hot and the murkier the water the better. Enjoy the super bowl tomorrow and get out there and make that drag scream!

Capt. Mo Estevez

New Dawn Charters



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