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Started my day at Ocean East in Norfolk, I had called ahead and they said they had plenty of big minnows so I picked up two dozen. I then dropped at the ramp at Chesapeake Yachts around 0830. I fished the cove for about two hours with no bites so I went to the hot ditch area and caught and released two small speckled trout that were maybe 16″. Later I lost another that felt bigger.

Every thing was on minnows. I did see several other fish caught on jigs today. Had a great time with a little pullage. I do not think it got above 38 deg today but I was dressed for it. Sounds like it is going to rain or snow the next two days so I am glad I made it out.

Here are a couple pictures from today.












gmailpng-1.jpg yahoopng-1.jpg aolpng-1.jpg aimpng-1.jpg facebookpng-1.jpg share_save_120_16png-1.jpg

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