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Here's a quick update before Knot Nancy starts another week of fabulous offshore and tarpon fishing off the Miami/Miami Beach coast.

Vern Frampton treated his friend Doug Charlton to a sailfishing trip for his birthday. Up in Canada, they both have seen the TV shows and read lots about catching sailfish, however, neither angler had experienced the thrill of catching a sailfish. That was all about to change. As a warm up, the kingfish cooperated and we quickly put 3 kingfish in the fish box. Then Doug got his chance at a sail and took full advantage of it. The sail ate a goggle eye fished from the kite. He saw the strike and reacted perfectly. The battle began with lots of jumps and a long run. Vern was on the camera and back and forth went the battle with Doug slowly gaining the advantage. The fish came along side and many pictures were taken with the fish in the water before we released it. Both anglers were thrilled and amazed at the same time. Back to more fishing and this time we caught one more kingfish to fill our limit and then released 4 more fish along with 2 bonito. Late in the afternoon, Vern picked up a flat line spinner as the line traveled toward the stern and then down wind of the boat. It was his turn to fight a sail. More excitement when another fish ate the goggle eye on the long kite and Doug had his second fish on. Both fish ran in opposite directions at first before turning and charging back toward the boat. Vern and Doug chased their fish around the boat twice before we landed and released the first sail. It took another trip around the boat before the second fish came along side to be released. As they said, 'It's way more exciting to do it in person than watch it on TV. What a rush."

Hans Schonfeldt, Olle Lidesjo, and Thomas Sjoblom from Sweden got their turn at sailfishing the following day. We had south current and less than steady wind which made for working the kite baits a constant effort. They were up to the task and got their rewards. On this trip, we got a single sailfish on the long kite bait using a goggle eye. Every time we thought the fish was ready for release, it took off on another long fast run. The fish acted like it was on super vitamins and wasn't going to give up without a long fight. Several cameras caught all the action both far out and close to the boat. The fish was finally released. Next we had a shark eat another goggle eye. Later in the afternoon, the long kite bait with a goggle eye scored again with a sailfish. This fish had plenty of tricks in its bag as it like running under the boat when it got close. We out maneuvered the sail each time. It came alongside again and this time we got a very good look at it and saw that it had a broken bill. The fish was released and this ended another great day on the water off Miami Beach.

Jan Sjoblom, Lars Cajander, and Mikael Karlsson also of Sweden wanted some tarpon and spanish mackerel action. We started at Haulover in the morning with bluerunners constantly stealing our baits. We ran to Government Cut and found the spanish mackerel along with more bluerunners. The decision was made to run offshore and try for tarpon later in the afternoon. Offshore we got cooperating from 2 kingfish in the 15 - 20 pound class. Back to try and find a tarpon and this time we got invaded with small amberjacks. With 15 minutes to go in the trip, a final move produced the fish we were looking for. 80 pounds of silver dynamite erupted from the water and we had a solid hook up. Zoom lense and wide angle lense cameras went into action along with a video camera. The tarpon put on a great show and all cameras were catching the action. The tarpon made several long runs and numerous jumps before it came along side for a release.

Bill Reeg and Bill Brooks from Texas wanted some tarpon action. Wind from the ESE @ 16 - 18 knots had the beach at Haulover a bit on the bumpy side. We needed a small sea anchor to slow our drift down. Bill brooks saw first action on the third drift. The wind blew us in very shallow and we not only had a hard fighting tarpon to contend with, but also had to get it out to deeper water away from the crashing waves. We succeeded in both and Bill had to make several trips around the boat during the entire fight. Bill Reeg was on the video camera capturing the action. After releasing the tarpon it was back to drifting with live shrimp. After about a half dozen more drifts, we got our next action that lasted 1 jump before the tarpon decided not to cooperate and threw the hook.

Sailfish, kingfish, and bonito action offshore along with tarpon action along the beach is a hard combination to beat. Now it's up to you to make the call, 305 965-9454 or send an email nkostyo@bellsouth.net to get in on the action. Don't delay, as before you know it, we'll be catching dolphin and blackfin tuna. It never hurts to plan ahead so you get the date you want.

Time to get back on the water and catch some more fish.

Captain Dave Kostyo

Knot Nancy Fishing Charters, Inc.

305 965-9454 Cell

Charter Fishing in Miami and Miami Beach for Sailfish, Tarpon, Dolphin and Kingfish aboard the Knot Nancy


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