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Hello All,

My name is Jay Douglas Tournament Chairperson for the WCSSA.

First foremost will the member from Delamarva jaybird? Who is a contender in the WCSSA please contact me or Denise so we can thank you and send you a WCSSA contender cap if you have not already advanced order your contender cap.

Nevertheless on behalf of tournament committee memebers, we will try to keep "you all" up-to-date on the tournament. From time-to-time some of the replies and information might have a feminine, raw and A Aussie touch.

The reason being is because the following tournament committee members may reply or add information.

Denise Cardwell “Tournament Secretary”

Top “Tournament vice chair” and in his mind the “Greatest fisherman with a beer in the world”

Daniel “Aussie Tournament committee member”

You can forget about David the scoring boss to response "Sh*!t" we can barely get him to response to us. :P

We welcome all questions, comments even suggestion. And we're a pretty comical bunch, so I will make it a point that we share some of the funny things that have happen in the tournament this year.

I have to say the Delmarva site has to be the most functional and clean site I have seen.

On the other end of the spectrum one of the UK anglers websites had too be the worst, we have experienced.

After registering (On the I rather not say website) and talking to members and a nasty website director in the UK, we were hit for 2 weeks with a barge of scammers from African with marriage proposal for millions of dollars, to family members of fallen kings and queens who needed us to be brokers to get there millions out of their countries. Oh course in all cases all they needed was our bank account numbers, social security numbers and name and address of our first born. "humm still thinking about those proposals" :mrgreen:

But again nice site and we look forward to your comments.



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