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Greetings anglers.

The savvy and wise Captain Steven decided to make a long run to Weedon Island Monday morning. Captain Steven has several “go to” trout spots I fish every January-March that are close to a sure thing. I was very confident the action would be hot and heavy in these spots. Well if there were any trout in the area this Captain couldn’t find them. Both live shrimp and soft plastic baits went for not.

Plan B was to drift the deep grass flats off downtown St. Petersburg. Plan B was like plan a not so much as a bite. I decided to head back south and see if I could locate redfish, same results. Tuff was the best way to describe the way the day was going.

I hit another flat looking for the trout action and it was game on within seconds. It felt so good to get a bend back in the rods. Spotted sea trout 14-17” and Ladyfish inhaled everything we tossed their way. We left the trout biting and called it a day.

Quick snook update, if you have not heard the FWC closed the upcoming snook season. You can target snook but you cannot harvest any. The area I have been observing snook the last week showed improvement. While I am no PHD the snook were defiantly swimming much better and were more active.

Capt. Steven



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