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Happy New Year to everyone on the Va Board!

Well, the striped bass fishing has been real hit or miss again the last week in the Bay, and now the BAy season is closed, so time for the zoo trolling around Cape henry and the Oceanfron all the way down to the Duck Research Pier. From what I hear there are some fish south of Sandbridge, but most are out past the three mile line. Sounds like we really need a decent week of weather with some favorable temps and wind to get things right, but who am I?

2009 was pretty good for me overall, I can't complain! Tagged a ton of flounder and I was recently contacted about my tagging data and I think we might see a size reduction for flounder this year, so may make it easier to catch a keeper for us on the pier or in the sand!

Here's to 2010 and may all of you cast far and set hard!

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Happy New Year. Steve how many flounder did you tag this year. I only had about 70 fish tagged this yearar due to a knee injury.

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