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Here's a quick update before heading into the last week of 2009.

We gone from calm weather to windy weather. With each condition, there has been a general lack of north current. A few sailfish are being caught, however, the best catches aboard Knot Nancy have been with dolphin, kingfish, bonito, and some mutton snapper.

Cory Reeves enjoyed the variety I mentioned above. The kingfish and bonito came on both the bottom and break away lead rods, while all the dolphin were on the flatline outfits. The good news about the dolphin was that all the action came in the 90 - 190 foot range. This meant that we didn't have to make long runs offshore in search of the acrobatic, colorful, tasty fish. Cory brought along one of his favorite outfits and the kingfish was kind enough to eat the bait we had on it. The bonito put a severe bend in the bottom rod and did plenty of pulling.

Fabio Nick took home enough dolphin fillets for several hearty meals. The action took place straight out from Government Cut in 320 - 360 feet of water. The birds put us on the location and the action was fast and furious for a while using both slow troll and drift methods.

Then the wind began to blow with the approach of a cold front. John Perkins, his 9 year old son, Jonas, father-in-law, Gordon Ring, and long time friend, Brad Coren can only be described as Vikings. The NE/ENE winds @ 21 - 24 knots created sloppy seas on top of rough conditions. We drifted with no action, then we chased birds only to come upon a large school of porpoise feeding under the diving birds. Back to drifting and the break away lead produced a kingfish for Gordon. More chasing birds and Jonas caught his first dolphin. It was a schoolie size fish that put a gigantic smile on his face. Two baits got chopped in half behind the hook and toward the end of the morning Jonas said he was happy and ready to get back to some calmer water.

With one week left in 2009, the weather forecast makes it sound like we should have some great conditions for sailfish as well as numerous other species. I have one day open through next week. Why not spend the last day of the year enjoying a fishing trip? Our weather sure beats what our friends up north have had to put up with. All it takes is a phone call or email.

Captain Dave





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