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Well looks like you will have to pick and choose your windows of opportunity due to the wind and crazy weather patterns we have been having this month and for that matter this whole year!

Still a week and a half left in the Bay season, and BIG fish are showing from Kiptopeake, The High Rise and along the Eastern Shore. Most anglers are drifting eels for the big fish and as usual night time seems to produce some of the biggest fish.

A few reports of some ocean fish out of Rudee this week, so won't be long before we see boats crusing the oceanfront all the way down to the NC line for some nice fish as well. Let's just hope they stay inside the 3 mile line!

Have not seen much of anything from the surf at all! Sad to say, but all of those schoolie blitzes of fish from The Spit all the way down to Lesner have all but disappeared. This will be the third year in a row if something does not change soon where I have cruised the OV area and not seen a blitz! We all know the Omega situation does not help us at all. I sure do miss tossing some 2oz metal into a feeding school of 20"-28" stripers!

Anglers down at Lesner are still duing the usual nighttime shuffle and are producing some fish at times, but be prepared to put in your time, because the bite is real hit or miss! Anglers are still using the traditional 2oz cannonball jighead with a pink bubblegum zoom and letting her fly into the channel for the best results. Be prepared to lose a few rigs as well.

Hope everyone has a good week and report back if you happen to get out and wet a line!


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