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I have a 135 Optimax on my mako. Recently i tried to get out for some fishing and my motor wouldnt start. My battery was good, i couldnt find any fuses that had gone bad, and gas was getting to the fuel filter by the motor. Does anyone know if there is a fuel pump on the motor separate from the one in the tank that would feed the injectors? If so this may be the cause of the lack of feul. It would run if i put gas into the throttle body , but as much as i cranked it over she never flooded. None of us ever smelled gas. Ive had a few people tell me that fuel pumps have been a problem with those particular engines. My closest warranty authorized mechanic is near Pocomoke MD at Thornes Marine. Has anyone ever had any dealings with them? Thanks in advance for any input.

On another note i am hearing of 50-60lber's being caught near bouy 18,19, and of course the high rise. I cant get' em so good luck!


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