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If you're looking for some good fishing action, now is the time that you're going to find it with a variety of fish. The wind has ranged from calm to well into the mid 25 knot range and everything in between. The seas have been flat calm to rough. We've had no current days, south current days, and north current days. With all these different combinations of conditions, the action has been very good. Sailfish action has and will remain a constant. Some of the best action has come on the most windy days, but we've been catching them on calm days too. Dolphin are flowing through the area. Skipjack tuna and bonito are busting small baits. Kingfish and mutton snapper are readily available. Spanish mackerel and bluefish are biting near shore. And to top it off all, the air temperature has been comfortable to warm. It sure beats the cold temperatures and snow that's happening with our friends up north. It's time to start thinking about planning a trip to Miami to get a break from the cold weather and enjoy the sunny warm weather we have to offer.

The tarpon action off Haulover is yet to get started, however, that could change with any change of the tide. We tested the waters in the Haulover tarpon hole area and had lots of fun catching large ladyfish and bluefish. The tarpon were absent on that evening. We'll keep checking and let you know when they start to bite. In the meantime, if you have to pull on a tarpon, they are feeding in the Bay area.

Henry Gotor and his friends Brian Smith and Lee Carroll fished a full day to put together a good catch on a variety of fish. All the conditions said that fishing should have been on the tough side. South current, SSW/W winds of 6 - 12 knots, and dirty green water are not the conditions you'd like to have, but you can't change what Mother Nature presents you with on the day that you fish. We loaded the livewell with pilchards, then added herring and cigar minnows. We started by fishing the area between the Cuban Hole and the hotels on Key Biscayne in the 80 - 200 foot range. Drifting and slow trolling a variety of baits produced no action. We moved back north some and offshore. We found an edge in 420' and then spotted birds diving. They were over a school of fast moving dolphin. We got a few to eat our baits, however they just grabbed them and never swallowed them. When we set up on the fish they simply spit the baits out. :dontknow: The next group of birds were on tuna. Out went the Kaplan jigs and some high speed trolling. It didn't take long before we had action with skipjack tuna and bonito. :icon_thumright: We moved further north to just south of the Twins and into 110'. Mutton snapper was next on the variety list. :eusa_clap: As we drifted out deeper with the SW wind, we had action during the last portion of the trip with sailfish. :eusa_dance: Not a bad day for what most people would call terrible fishing conditions. The key was to fish a variety of ways and not stay stuck on just one method or one area.

The Holiday Season is well upon us. For that last minute gift, don't forget about a fishing trip gift certificate. They're good till redeemed and can be taken anytime of the year. If you need a break from the hustle and bustle or a break from the cold, what a better way to relax than schedule a fishing trip. Sit back, relax, and forget about everything for a while till the next bite. Give me a call 305 965-9454 or email me at nkostyo@bellsouth.net to get that trip scheduled. Then get ready for some great action with a variety of fish.

Captain Dave


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